2 Minute Marine’s Fat Loss Drill

2 Minute Marine’s Fat Loss Drill

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Hey guys, it’s Mark here with Abs After 40 and I’ve got my good friend and Marine here, Austin Sullivan, to help us out with a quick functional cardio day.

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Here’s Austin’s functional Cardio Marine workout for you guys. We will be timing it and competing against each other:

1:13 – Tire flips: Get your hands situated under the tire, poke your butt and chest out and keep your head up. Push the tire up with your legs, not pulling with your back.

1:33 – Double Battle Ropes: Squat down with the battle ropes in hand, chest up, and swing the ropes up and down at the same time. The ropes will tend to drag you forward, so make sure to lean back slightly.

1:53 – Single Battle Ropes: Same positioning as before, just with the hands alternating up and down instead of moving together.

2:12 – Sledgehammer Slams: Just start over the shoulder, and swing it down onto the tire as hard as you can.

2:22 – Low Sled pushes: Pushing the sled at one of the lowest points, while keeping your butt down.

That’s about it for you guys… Hope you enjoyed this quick functional cardio workout with my friend and Marine, Austin, and make sure you go over to the Six Pack Shop for the biggest discount we’ve ever had! http://go2.sixpackshortcuts.com/SH2B7

We’ll have another workout for you guys coming on July 4th – So stick around!


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