Ask A Trainer Series:  How To Do A Snatch

Ask A Trainer Series: How To Do A Snatch

In this Ask a Trainer Series we are covering the Olympic snatch lift. To teach us, I’ve recruited my friend and trainer James Keeler ( from Focused Movement Academy in Miami. Hope you enjoy!

1:13 snatch in slow motion

1:47 start in the power position

2:08 cues: jump, pull, punch

2:18 common mistakes

2:38 what to do instead to avoid common mistakes

2:51 real time snatch

2:59 high elbows

3:07 lock out arms when your feet hit the ground

3:32 from the hang

3:43 tip: keep hips going back

4:18 common mistake

4:31 from the floor, full snatch

5:44 jump and punch, lock and land

6:19 hook grip

6:53 once the weight gets heavy, the lower you have to go

7:51 keys to success

9:21 what to do if you’re having a bad day snatching

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