FilFest 09: Health and Fitness

FilFest 09: Health and Fitness

Originally published in the CrossFit Journal May 8, 2009.

FilFest 09 was CrossFit’s annual affiliate gathering, which took place on February 7th and 8th, 2009 in Austin, TX. In a question and answer session on Sunday the 8th, Coach Greg Glassman gives the crowd of a few hundred affiliates a brief on CrossFit’s new definition of health.

This material has been covered already in a thorough explanation of the volume of work capacity sustained throughout life, and in his presentation to the American Society of Exercise Physiologists. But, this short clip summarizes the essence of the definition extremely well. And, it specifically addresses some of the discussion happening in the comments of those two clips.

Fitness is defined as work capacity measured across broad time and modal domains. Health is the ability to sustain that fitness. It takes into consideration all-cause disruption in that any disease, illness, or injury will manifest itself as reduced work capacity (if it doesn’t, how sick or hurt can you be?). Therefore, the only way to sustain the highest levels of fitness is to avoid, or at least minimize, disease, illness, and injury.

This is a metric for defining and measuring health. Arguably, the first of its kind.

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