Inspirational Fitness Couples Workout

Inspirational Fitness Couples Workout

How to get muscles that women will notice:

Hey guys,
It’s Johnny here today with my better half, my girlfriend Samantha, and we’re going to show you some ways you can kick ass in the gym with the help of your significant other with this couples workout – and make fitness something fun you can share with your partner.

Exercise Breakdown:

0:49 – Walking Lunges (with partner on back)

1:08 – Lying Leg Tosses

1:23 – Lying Sit Up with Extension

1:30 – Forearm Inverted Row

1:40 – Hanging Torso Sit Ups

1:49 – Close Grip Booty Press

1:55 – Over the Body Burpees with Plank Hold

2:13 – Assisted Pull-Ups/Handstand Push-Ups

2:28 – Lateral Raises with Resistance

2:48 – Stacked Push Ups

3:02 – Piggy Back Squats

3:14 – Wheelbarrow Walks

3:32 – Assisted TRX Knee Tucks

3:44 – Partner Leg Presses

3:55 – Leg Circles

4:12 – Partner Pull Ups

Alright guys, that’s all for today, but don’t underestimate the effect of having a partner/swolemate to do this stuff with you because they can help keep you motivated, focused on the goal, and help you to have some fun while you’re in the gym. Get six pack abs with your partner FAST:


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