Strength Training: EDT Training protocol 7/14/16

Strength Training: EDT Training protocol 7/14/16

EDT is a training protocol developed by Charles Staley. This protocol calls for working 2 antagonistic movements in order to trick your body into recovering faster, while getting in more total volume. This is great for people who have limited time, but still want to get a great training affect. Set a timer for 10- 15 minutes and just go back and forth until the time is up. I used about 65% on each exercise. Sets of 5, as you fatigue you can allow the reps to drop if necessary.

EDT #1
Strict Press: 135 x 12 x 5
Banded Pulldowns: Purple+ red Band x 12 x 5

EDT #2
DB Press: 35 x 17 x 5
DB Rows: 60 x 17 x 5

3 Way Shoulder: 20 x 4 x101010

Hammer Curls: 12 x 40,45,50,55
Banded Pushups: 4 x 10

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