Warrior Strong Featured Workout: Strongman Medley

Warrior Strong Featured Workout: Strongman Medley

The Warrior Strong Program is designed specifically with the combat athlete in mind. We have designed these workouts to be the best bang for your buck in order to build strength, without distracting for the main focus of your combat training. They are designed to get you strong in all the basic movement patterns, while also being fun and high energy. We utilize Strongman style implements instead of barbells for more “real world” strength and also to keep things from getting stale.

This was EXTREMELY tough!! Ran through this Medley 4 times.

Sandbag Carry: 200 x 75′
Stone Press: 155 x 5
T-Bar Rows: 125 x 12
Banded Pushups: 12
Stone Rollups: 250 x 5

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